Former Governor of Michigan
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Cracking The Code: Creating Jobs in a global economy

Governor Jennifer Granholm led Michigan during the toughest economic times since the Great Depression -- through auto bailouts and a global shift of manufacturing jobs. Through experience and stories, hear her perspective on how the nation can grow middle-class jobs when technology and globalization make it easy for jobs to move elsewhere.

Lead, Women, Lead!                                                   

Governor Jennifer Granholm was the first female attorney general and two-term governor of Michigan, where she led during challenging economic times. She shares inspiring lessons of leadership, from experience, through stories and data, and exhorts women to raise their hand to lead.

Creating Clean Energy Jobs in America

TED Talk: A clean energy proposal -- race to the top!

Kicking off the TED2013 conference, Jennifer Granholm asks a very American question with worldwide implications: How do we make more jobs? Her big idea: Invest in new alternative energy sources.

Governor Jennifer Granholm's popular TED talk on her ideas to create clean energy jobs provides the foundation for her speech on using policy to create middle class jobs in clean energy in every state in the country.

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